Gun Death Theatre - One Lucky Lady
Gun Death Theatre - Support and comfort for families & victims of Gun Violence.
Also known as One Lucky Lady, Janice Brown is a musician, an author/illustrator, activist and now a comedian.  She was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Janice attended Michigan State University and Graduated with honors from Grand Valley State University, with a B.A. in Communications.  Once upon a time, Janice was known as rapper, One Lucky Lady and has written, produced and performed as a solo artist, as well as collaborating with numerous talents from G.R to N.Y.  Janice has been successful in her real estate business, in New York and has known the struggles of drug addiction and wants to share her story of recovery and of her Faith in and Love of Jesus Christ, with all who want to listen. Today, J.B. is using her talents, her spirit and her love, to express, through art and music, how she has overcome the many hurdles of life.  She says her life has been Blessed.  She is living proof!  Political activism is a means to an end.  "I am willing to discuss, debate and otherwise go head to head with any pundit, pollster or politician, about any serious issue, of the day.  Don't worry, I don't bite!"  Janice wants to put an end to senseless gun violence and has created a foundation that will bring the books she has written & illustrated, to children who have been effected by the tragic loss of loved ones from any violent gun death.  Gun Death Theatre ( is the name of her organization and a portion of proceeds from everything Janice does will be used to help those families. If you like politics, music and the arts, and want to be entertained by a loving but passionate and outspoken loudmouth, then Janice has a show that pretty much wraps all of those entertainment elements into a delicious gourmet, corn tortilla and tops it all off with a piece of her mind.  Delicious!  Buy some music
You're going to love her!
Miss You byOne Lucky Lady - Sandy Hook Forever Us
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