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Who's Policing The Police?

                                 WHO’S POLICING THE POLICE?     
I had to catch myself, today.  The second I witnessed, yet, another questionable shooting.  Breaking News: Alton Sterling was shot 6 times, at point blank range, by Baton Rouge police.  It took me a moment.  I took a deep breath, as I tried to make sense of the sound of the gunshots, then the voices of grief and screams of horror.

Will the Hate of a Nation lead us to another Civil War?

     Why are ‪#‎White people are afraid of ‪#‎Black people? Many, many acts of pure ‪#‎Evil have been heaped upon #Black folks, by #White folks, ever since the first ‪#‎Slaves, were first "brought" to the "Homeland".  Families were separated and treated worse that farm animals, beat, hanged, raped, robbed, burned, dragged, drown, like rats, denied education, denied basic human rights, Civil Rights, infrastructure, wherever you relegated us to live, like 

Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma is a Turd!

     Good bye and good riddance to you, Senator Tom Coburn!  You know, just because you are a selfish mutherfucker, doesn't mean you have to show your ass, on the floor of the Senate.  You had a chance to show your support for the men and women, whom you, Senator, voted to send into 2 unpaid, pre-emptive wars, as a feel good retribution, that you waged upon all Muslim people, killing thousands, and wounding countless other innocent lives.  
     Yes, you, Senator Tom Coburn, with your Government pension and now, most likely, your future lobbying gig, will be remembered for this final nail, in the coffin of a spoiled rotten, dead, institution.


     Here we go again. It really is embarrassing. We sit here and let the NRA and the Gun Lobby dictate what we will and will not talk about. The news networks refuse to have balanced debate on the issues that 70-80% of us agree on. Federal Legislators heed what their “States Rights” Governors say their constituents want but the polls tell a different story. 
     Who decides what we will or will not act on? Why won’t they even let our representative legislators, at least, fund research to try to address the issue of gun violence?

"Shooting at Washington state school!"

"Shooting at Washington state school", has become a routinely, casual statement. It doesn't really bother anyone. No, it must not because we're saying it, yet again and yet, again, nothing will be done. 100% guarantee. It's 1 week until Mid-term elections and I promise you, you won't hear a peep out of the U.S. House of Representative's Speaker John Boehner. You most likely won't hear from Senator Harry ReidSenator Mitch McConnell or sadly

Mike Brown Didn't Cause His Own Death

     We love to blame the victim, don't we? It's amazing to me, that some‪#‎White folks see nothing wrong with what happened in ‪#‎Furgeson, when nothing was done correctly, from the moment the incident occurred. Some Standard Operating Procedures should have been done, like some substance testing on the officer who discharged his weapon. Why not do it at the same time testing is done on the dead victim? Why can't that be public record? Afraid of what we might find, after all of these years?

Hip Hop Heaven by One Lucky Lady

Hello again, friends,
      I’m back for another year at Make Music New York!  Many thanks to President, Aaron Friedman and Director of Operations, Clara Inés Schuhmacher, for their tireless work!  They are two of the most awesome people I’ve ever met, in my entire life—true story!  I’m so proud to be a part of their event. 
      I want to invite anyone to come out to Make Music New York 2014 and see me debut this new rap song called, "Git Gone".


In 1901, President William McKinley was assassinated. The rendering is dramatic and shocking. The artwork beautifully depicts the dramatic moment that the shooting took place. Just imagine if, at that time, we, together, as a country, had decided to tightly regulate all firearms and use research and statistical data to make informed decisions about their safety and who should be allowed to possess and operate them? We would have a very different society than the one we find ourselves waking up to.


These are the invisible lives that are most effected by random gun violence. Why does the NRA hate Black children so much that they can’t even “allow” this country’s elected representatives to make some reasonable limits on guns and the laws that harm real lives? Hell, they won’t even discuss this issue in the People’s House of Representative or the People’s Senate. I can’t understand the hysteria. Is it as simple as being bought and paid for by the gun lobby’s interests, over a majority of Americans? You don’t need a gun to provide food for your family. You don’t need a gun for shelter. I have gotten this far in my own life, with not even a thought about owning or even using a gun, for anything. I am a Christian. The Bible says “Thou shalt not kill”. There aren’t any exceptions to that law. I don’t find that a terribly difficult rule to live by. Why is it that so many Christians choose to give God the middle finger on this law? I don’t know the answer to that question, yet.

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Who's Policing The Police?
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